People and their Hats, in Mystic River Historical Collection Photos! : ~In Development~
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Barbara N. Jensen Collection
1 photo taken from an album, of Albert O. Neff sitting on a carriage with horse and Cassie May Myers (his future wife) (1886-1978), wearing a white dress and hat, standing to the side in front of a loading dock area with cases of beverages (2006.236.0003), in November, 1907. A note with this (2006.236.0004) says that Jensen's grandfather, Theron Neff, started the first Soda Water business in Brooklyn, N.Y., believed to be the first in the U.S., retiring and moving to Chaplin, CT, where he was born in 1841. Her father moved from Chaplin to Mystic after attending Storrs University (now the University of Connecticut). He bought a small soda water business in Mystic. The note also says that MRHS has a bottle of his called "Neff's Best" or Albert O. Neff, Mystic, Conn. The bottle is of the old green glass.

1 photo of a group of people on a touring wagon with a sign "Touring Washington" - Sight Seeing Automobile Coach of Washington. Store signs in the background are for Salada and Lipton Teas. (2006.236.2007). A note with the photo says that this is Jensen's mother and father, Albert O. Neff and Cassie May Myers Neff, touring Washington on their honeymoon, and that they are in the first row behind the driver. (2006.236.0008).

3 other family photos not yet scanned: Cassie May Myers Neff and Barbara Neff Jensen, 1922, at Turtle Rock, Mystic; Cassie May Myers Neff in bathing suit attire at Turtle Rock, Mystic, 1922; Cassie May Myers Neff, Harry Myers, Edith Myers Floyd and Clifford Myers.

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