People and their Hats, in Mystic River Historical Collection Photos! : ~In Development~
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Allyn Collection
6-photos from the leather photo album (1990.008.0255), numbered in order as found in the album:
1 - A young woman standing in a fenced in area with a dog - #1
1 - A view of the farm road into a field beyond the fence - #2
1 - A view of a white bearded man wearing a suit and hat, and holding a walking stick or cane, standing in a field with trees in the background - #3
1 - A view of a snow covered road in winter with trees on either side - #4
1 - A view of a road with bushes and trees on either side - which has a note on the back: "Laurels - Gungywamp" - #5
1 - A farms view vista from a road with stone walls on either side and a hill with rock ledges in the distance- #6

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