Packer's Tar Soap Co., Mystic, CT : ~work in progress~discovering and sharing our collection~
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Kimball, Carol Collection
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8-Packer's Tar Soap calendars for the years 1908 through 1911. mounted on a board. Scanned in. PERIOD 1908 / PERIOD 1909 / PERIOD 1910 / PERIOD 1911

8-Packer's Tar Soap calendars for 1909 (identical) mounted on a board. PERIO9D 1909

1-Oversize marriage certificate for Everett P. Chapman and Mary Lena Risley, both of Norwich, Conn., dated April 2, 1894, officiated by D. Henry Miller, D.D., of Mystic, Conn., at the Chestnut Cottage, Mystic, witnessed by Carrie Dorris Collins, and William C. Collins. Form published by Crider & Brothers Publishers, York, PA.
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