Packer's Tar Soap Co., Mystic, CT : ~work in progress~discovering and sharing our collection~
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Kimball, Carol Collection
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Folder of business advertisements, promotional items and trademark cut outs, not scanned in:

1-Silver Mountain Soap (trademark) advertisement: D.F. (Daniel F.) Packer, Patentee, published by a New York company (name not clear). Not dated.

1-Folded 1 page brochure for Old Mystic Manor, Old Mystic.

1-Booklet of recipes "Biscuit and Cakes" published by the Reliable Flour Company, Boston, Mass, copyrighted 1915. PERIOD 1915

2-Cut outs from John Winslow Jones Co., Portland, ME, stationery for Copland & Co's A London Pickles trademark / logo of an elephant. PERIOD 18-

2-Cut outs from Portland Packing Co., Portland, ME, stationery for Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. logo for Milk Maid Brand, Cham, Switzerland, and Chippenham, England. PERIOD 18-

2-Cut outs from company stationery for Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. logo for Milk Maid Brand, Cham, Switzerland. PERIOD 187-

1-Trademark stamp for Merry Mates (Trademark) Smoking Tobacco, by G.W. Gail & Ax, Baltimore.

1-Trademark stamp for Kerr's Crochet Ecc No. 6.

1-Trademark cut out for Babbit's Baby Soap.

1-Trademark cut out with a crest image.

1-Trademark cut out for an anchor image.

1-"The Good Luck Bank of Alaska" fake 1000 dollar bill, promoting P.J. Butten, Custom Tailor, Mystic, Conn., published by D.L. Milliken, Advertising Novelties, Malden, Mass. PERIOD 18-

1-Visitor ticket for The Last Whaleship Charles W. Morgan, numbered 263798, for Mystic Seaport, then Marine Historical Association, Mystic. PERIOD 19-

1-Highmount Tie-Tree card (patented) for Schoonovers Mens Shop, Mystic.

1-Promotional card for the Conquerer Wringer, sold by I.W. Denison & co., Mystic River.

1-Promotional card for Charles F. Denison, House, Sign & Fresco Painter, Mystic, Conn., kalsomining and glazing done. Address P.O. Box No. 4.

1-Promotional card for Grossman's, Noank Road, West Mystic, Ye Old Fashion Clam Bakes. Not dated, but phone number 644 or 643-3 may indicate date. PERIOD 19-

1-Promotional card for W.R. McGaughey, Monumental Work, manufacturer and dealer in Granite, Marble and Freestone, Mystic, Conn., agent for iron fences, and contractor for lettering and cleaning monuments in cemeteries.

2-Promotional cards for Paul A. Noyes, dealer in Groceries & Provisions, Mystic River, one with an illustration of Simple Simon.

1-Promotional card for Packer's All Healing Tar Soap, published by Mayer, Merkel & Ottman, NY, copyrighted 1862. PERIOD 186-

1-Promotional card, one side for Packer Manufacturing Co., 100 Fulton Street, New York, 80X 2985 products for skin diseases: chapped hands, chafing, frost bites, chilblains, and one side for Knapp's Throat Cure (Lozenge) for Throat and Voice, Edward A. Olds, at the same address.

1-Promotional card for Packer's Florida Water Soap, by Packer Manufacturing Co., registered January 12, 1875, on one side, and for All-Healing Tar Soap on the other side. PERIOD 187-

2-Promotional cards for J.B. Stinson Insurance, 29 Denison St., Mystic, one with an illustration called "Tarnation" copyrighted as no. 902, and one with an illustration called "What Ails Them Critters" copyrighted as no. 901.

1-Promotional card for Standard Oil Co's Red Crown Brand Deodorized Stove Gasoline, for sale by A.S. Chapman, Hardward, Surprise, Nebraska.

1-Promotional card for Sun Insurance Office of London, Daniel B. Denison, Agent, 27 Pearl Street, Mystic, Conn.

1-Promotional card for W.E. Wheeler, Jr., dealer in fine groceries, Mystic River, Conn.

1-Promotional handi-pocket coin bank envelope for saving dimes, from Groton Savings Bank, a member of Mutual Savings Central Fund, Inc.

1-Small Shopping Memorandum booklet for keeping a record of purchases, from Max Bendett Department Store, Mystic, Conn. with notes for "Fannie" and "Mama" - records clothing and other food purchases.

1-Ticket no. 826, for one chance on the $5.00 in Gold, given away at Mystic Variety Store, September 1, year not given.

1-Order blank form for Fish Farm (since 1640) of Captain John Fish, Fishtown, Mystic, Conn. for Jersey Black or White Giants (chickens), old and young stock, eggs for hatching, and baby chicks. Customer testimonials on back side.

1-Piece of tissue paper for E.B. Noyes, Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Silks, Shawls, Dress Goods, Cloaks and Cloakings, Cloths, White Goods, Handkerchiefs, Laces, Hosier, Under-clothing and Gloves, Ribbons, Prints, Small Wares, Mystic River with a logo image with the phrase "Nemo me impune Lacessit." in map drawer 6
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