Fanny Morse Souvenir Album, 19th C. (1849-1852, 1874, 1890)
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19th C. (1849-1852, 1874, 1890) Souvenir Album of Fanny Morse, who lived in the house known now as the Captain Daniel Packer Inne house, Mystic, CT. The album contains poems and notes from friends, many beautiful engravings / illustrations, and a pressed leaf.

*Album front cover.

Names of friends:
?, Eliza
?, Lenny
?, Lucy
?, Sarah
Allyn, Carlos W.
Appleton, D.
Ashbey, Ann P.
Ashbey, Eldrige
Atha, George R.
Babcock, S.
Babcock, Sarah A.
Beauregard, George J.
Brown, Mary A.
Burrows, Sarah J.
Chesebro, Phebe
Clift, Amos, Jr.
Clift, Leyden K.
Clift, M.H.
Clift, Mary Esther
Cottrell, Fannie E.
Crury, Hatte
Curtis, Helen F.
Curtis, Martha M.
Denison, Dane E. (?)
Denison, Erastus
Dexter, George H.
Dudley, Harriet M.
Fish, Emily A.
Fish, Fanny D.
Fowler, Clyde O.
Gallup, Harriet W.
Gallup, Sarah Ann
Gray, Charles
Guile, Lewis H.
Holmes, H.E.
J., E.E.
Keeler, Fannie
Lamphere, Eliza J.
Latham, L.C.
Lathrop, Melvin
Lithiler, Charles M.
Lottridge, Joseph H.
Mandeville, Henry (D.D.)
Maxson, Kate
Morgan, Augusta
Morgan, Mary Elizabeth
Morse, Fanny
Morse, Hannah
Packer, Daniel, Capt.
Palmer, George
Perkins, William O.
Poppe, Irving H.
Potter, William
Riker, J.C.
Sawyer, Richard K.
Smalle, George H.
Smith, Emma Ann
Stanton, Emma A.
Stanton, Emma Ann
Strickland, James L.
W., F.S.
Watrous, Emma
Wederkinch, Jennie, Mrs.
Wilbur, John Ray
Williams, Lizzie
Wolfe, William Henry
Worthington, Marcus M.
Wright, J.W.

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