Grand Army of the Republic, MRHS Collection : ~in process for research~
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General Collection
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Certificate/Charter, "Grand Army of the Republic" Williams Post No. 55, Mystic, Connecticut. Signed by the Department Commander and Assistant Adjutant General, April 15, 1882.

Mystic names: E.L. Tibbitts, Chas. Heacox, George F. Gabriel, Oliver Batty, Jr., Parmenas Avery, Edwin T. Batty, Patrick Cushing, John H. Godfrey, John G. Packer, John K. Bucklyn, John C. Douglas, William H. Chapman, Chas. H. Rathbun, William J. Poole, A.E. Slack, Jas. H. Alexander, Amos Clift, J.A. Rathbun, D. Craddock, J.H. Newberry, Robert P. Wilbur, B.W. Morgan, C. Burdick, C.H. Rowe, J.W. Fitch, A. Eldridge, Chas. F. Reynolds