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1-Letter from H.A. Hull to the Honorable Board of Selectmen of the Town of Stonington, handwritten on lined paper, dated June 20, 1898, giving a legal opinion asked for by the Board advising that the Town does not have the right to give permission for a cannon to be placed in the public highway, near the Soldiers Monument in Mystic, citing legal cases which address this issue:
Benham vs. Potter 52 Ct. 252; Chapman vs. Brainerd 11 Ct. 60; Champlin vs. Pendleton 13 Ct. 23; New Haven vs. Sargent 38; Conn. 53; Peek vs. Smith 1 Ct. 103; Read vs. Leeds 19 Ct. 187; Watrous vs. Smith 5 Ct. 305; Woodruff vs. Neal 25 Ct. 167.

1-Memorandum on Town of Stonington, Conn., Selectmen's Office stationery, setting out the basis for denying the request by the Williams Post G.A.R. to place a cannon on the public highway.
Legal letters re placement of a Civil War cannon on the public highway
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Letter H.A. Hull to Stonington Selectmen, 1898Letter H.A. Hull to Stonington Selectmen, 1898