Grand Army of the Republic, MRHS Collection : ~in process for research~
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Williams Woman's Relief Corps, No. 42 Records
Photograph of sheet music titled "When the Mists Have Rolled Away" rewritten with new words for the Civil War Centennial. The new verses, handwritten on strips of paper, were taped over the original words. The message at the top of the sheet says, " This Year 1961 We can [show?] [share?] with tenderness and feeling with those Boys in Blue whoe mad the supreme sacrifice that we might continue to live and love (Old Glory). Civil War Centennial Year [underlined]"
SEE 1999.003.0021b for photo of last lines to rewritten hymn. Handwritten note on back of this print says, " Part I From Caroline N. Angeles Chaplin of W. W. Perkins Corps No. 18 New London, Conn. & Chairman of Americanization Work for Department of Conn. Centennial Year 1861 -1961"
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