Grand Army of the Republic, MRHS Collection : ~in process for research~
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Allyn Collection
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Photocopy and typed, transcribed copy by Betty McKinster, of a 47 page handwritten "Memoirs of Alla Lynne Perkins Allyn" the original of which has accession #2005.026. (She was the wife of John Lyman Allyn, Jr. Born October 4, 1892; Died January 1, 1986). PERIOD 196-

Contains narratives about the relationship with the local Native American Pequots, including the Sebastian family and one about seeing Mary Surrat in Washington, D.C., whose daughter was hanged for hiding John Wilkes Booth in her barn, how the foundry later Standard Machinery Co. was started and some of the history of that business, about traveling theater companies who played "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and a few other productions and about local churches and societies who had "Home Talent" plays and sometimes hired a professional to train the cast and words to the song "The Happy Hunting Ground" and experience with the Packer Tar Soap Co. and a story about Captain Warren Holmes and his trips around Cape Horn and Fourth of July and Memorial Day / Decoration Day in the Olden Days and how Amos Clift IV worked for many years in the Pension Office in Washington, D.C. after the Civil War.

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