Grand Army of the Republic, MRHS Collection : ~in process for research~
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Irons Collection
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1-receipt from Isaac D. Holmes, Franklin, Lackawanna, and other Coals dealer, dated May 22, 188-. PERIOD 188-

1-receipt from T.E. Packer & Co., dated December 27, 1895, to Mrs. Jennie D. Wederkinch, for home insurance. PERIOD 1895

1-receipt from James E.F. Brown, Hack, Livery and Boarding Stable, dated January or July 24, 1899, to Mrs. Jennie D. Wederkinch. PERIOD 1899

1-brown paper post office mailing wrapper addressed to Mrs. Carroll Keeler, 33 Water St., Mystic, CT, with a 1 cent postage stamp.

1-envelope with Headquarters Connecticut Woman's Relief Corps, C. Elizabeth Miles, Dept. President, 24 Garfield Ave., New London, postmarked March 16, 1906, addressed to Mrs. Fannie M. Packer, President, Williams W.R.C. #42, Box 18, Mystic, Conn., with a 2 cent stamp with George Washington. PERIOD 1906

1-record of family genealogy / history information from a "Family Register" discovered in the home now occupied by The Daniel Packer Inn, on Water St., in Mystic, as of December 26, 1997. PERIOD 177- / PERIOD 18-

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