People in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Willerford Collection
Clifford M. Watrous on a picnic with "Minnie" and "Ruby" in East Hampton. Original signed verses by George E. Tingley on reverse of mount. Memo of explanation (.0083B) on the stationery of C.M. Watrous at The Gong Bell Mfg. Co., East Hampton, came with the photo, noting that "the photo with poem on the back is by George Tingley. It was taken at Salmon River, East Hampton, CT. Probably late 1890s (before Cliff Watrous and Ruby Conklin were married in 1899.) Standing - Cliff Watrous; Foreground - Ruby Conklin; Background - Minnie Flint. (Site was from East Hampton and presumed to be Tingley's date.) Apparently Tingley gave copies of photo and poem to each one there that day, becuase we had 2 copies (Cliff and Ruby's)." Mounted photo, 5 1/2" x 7 1/2".
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