Mystic River Bascule Bridge, in the heart of Mystic, Connecticut
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Dickinson Collection
Mystic River Bridge, bascule, No. 362, built 1922, south side view, Central Hall on the north side, the Main Block to the left, and the Strand Theatre rear to the right, Mystic, CT, ca. 1925, b&w print.

6/9/2016-Virgil W. Huntley (b. 1916), the "Memory of Mystic," shared these memories with us:

* A Mr. Cooper from Ledyard was the first to drive over it in a horse and carriage, and worked for Cottrell Lumber, running the milling machine.

* Virgil attended the bridge dedication in 1922, when he was 6, and the Governor was there.

* The bridge tender's house was raised to two stories after the 1938 hurricane. Virgil kept company with one of the bridge tenders in evenings long gone. Boat owners often gave greetings to the operators. In the 1930s, the tender, Fred Williams, raised the flag at the Mystic flag pole.

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