Mercantile Stores & Businesses in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Kimball, Carol Collection
Glassware originally given the accession number 1997.007:
1-with a label torn in two with part missing for Nate's Nervous Spinal Linament, prepared and sold by William D. Beckwith (?), Old Mystic, Conn., a special remedy for conditions including rheumatism, cholera, colic, neuralgia, diptheria, throat, cramps, tooth ache, bruises, burns, wounds, old sores
1-Brook's Furniture Polish for Furniture, Leather, Upholstering, Linoleum, Oil Cloth, by Walter R. Brooks, Manufacturer of Flavoring, Extracts, Perfumes, Toilet Preparations, and Specialties, Mystic, Conn.
1- Raspberry Flavor, by Walter R. Brooks, Mystic, Conn., Manufacturer of Candy, Fine Flavoring, Extracts, Cake Colorings, Toilet Preparations
1-small C.S.W. Davis, Groton, Conn.
3-Dickinson's Ledyard Brand Witch Hazel, Mystic, Conn., 1 with a metal screw top, and 1 with a cork, the other with a small piece of cork inside
1-Gaskell's Rose Menthol Lotion, with the bottle half full - labeled as an "elegant preparation for chapped hands, face and lips or any roughness or abrasion of the skin - antiseptic and soothing for use after shaving" - sold by Mystic Pharmacy, 11 East Main Street, Edward Gaskell or Caskell (?), Proprietor
1-S.H. Farnham, Westerly, R.I.
1-with "Ether" written on paper label affixed, for E.F. Keeler, Groton Drug Store, Groton
1-small sample for Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, Kidney Cure, Binghamton, NY
1-Chalk (?) Mixture, for F.M. Manning, Druggist, Mystic Bridge, Conn., which still has white residue in the bottom, and a cork top
1-Albert O. Neff, Mystic, Conn., Registered
1-Pure Horse Radish and White Wine Vinegar, by Alexander M. Taylor, Mystic, Conn., with a metal screw top - 2 cent refund on bottle
1-"Solution Citrate of Magnesia Dose for Adults - One Half to One Full Bottle - Children - In Proportion to Age," Wheeler's Drug Store, 24 Main St., Mystic, Conn., with a white metal top and spring holder to secure it
1-still filled with Castor Oil, with a cork top, H.N. Wheeler, Druggist, 25 Main St., Mystic, Conn.
1-Foley's and Honey and Tar Compound, for Coughs and Colds, Foley & Co., Chicago, guaranteed under the Food and Drugs Act, June 30, 1906, Serial No. 502, sold by H.O. Williams, Old Mystic, Conn.
1-H.O. Williams, Druggist, Old Mystic, Conn.
1-Carbolic Acid, sold by H.O. Williams - label is partly torn off
2-not labeled

* 1 jug with "BFHOXIE" imprinted on it

* 1 ash tray from Santin Chevrolet Company, Inc., 45th Anniversary, June 11, 1965, with a design of the company's building

* 2 shot glasses with a ship design on one side and "Compliments Hazel I. Main, Mystic, Connecticut" on the other side
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