Mercantile Stores & Businesses in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Stinson Collection
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Letter to Mr. Alexander F. Young from Ehrich & Co., 8th Avenue near 24th St., New York, importers and dealers in millinery and fancy goods, advising that they could furnish / supply one hundred motty (sp.?) framed, packed and delivered for thirty dollars. With an envelope with 3 cent postage stamp with George Washington image, addressed to Alex F. Young Esq., Cabinet Maker, Mystic Bridge, Conn. In same envelope receipt / bill / Yearly Statement form, dated January 1, 1873, from Mr. Alexander F. Young, Mystic Bridge, Conn., to T. W. Noyes, Dr. for $12.87, for pork, ham, beef, and several other items.
Letter and envelope to Alexander F. Young from Ehrich & Co., and bill to T.W. Noyes from Young.
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