Mercantile Stores & Businesses in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Kimball, Carol Collection
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9 merchant advertising calendars with art work illustrations for Mystic businesses:

1-J.W. Phillips, Shoer, Hatler, Furnisher, Mystic, Conn., manufactured by The Best Mfg. Co., New Haven, CT, with an image of a young girl in a dress, coat, hat and muff. "From Harry" is written on back.

1-Holmes Coal Co., Mystic, Conn., with a photo of the building and an antique automobile / car shown.

1-Glenwood Ranges Make Cooking Easy from T.H. Newbury & Son, Mystic, Conn., Hardware, Furnaces, Stoves, Crockery, Etc., with an image of a young girl in a pretty dress, hat and carrying a flower basket.

1-Oakland Stoves and Ranges from J.E. Hopwood & Co., Central Hall, Mystic, Conn., manufactured by Kaufmann & Strauss Co., New York, with an image of a young girl and a dog. December, 1903 calendar page is attached.

1-Riverside Ice Cream Parlor framed art work, with an illustration of people and a log cabin by the water on a lake.

1-"Do You Love Me" image of a boy and a dog from Mystic Pharmacy, Charles E. Gaskell, Manager, opposite Hoxie House, Mystic, marked as property of J.R. Grosvenor & Co., Boston, Mass., with advertising squares on the back for Bell-Cap-Sic Plasters. The art is a copy of an oil painting by J.G. Brown, New York (1899).

1-"Christmas Morn at Plymouth" painting by J.L.G. Ferris, copyrighted in 1903 by Brown & Bigelow, St. Paul (now in the public domain), from H.O. Williams, Drugs and Varieties, Old Mystic, Conn. December, 1904 calendar page is attached.

1-B. Ripley Park, North Stonington, Conn., Grain, Lumber, Shingles, Blacksmithing, Wagon Repairing, with photo image of a young girls sitting on a chair, manufactured by The Bryant Press, Florence, Mass., with calendar pages for 1898 beginning with March attached.

1-The Wilcox Fertilizer Co., Mystic, Conn. - "Fertilizers That Fertilize" - with a painting copy M4121 "A Highland Pastoral" by MacWhirter, copyright, 1909, The T.D.M. Co., Red Oak, Iowa. Calendar pages for 1911 beginning with January attached.
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