Mercantile Stores & Businesses in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Eliza Denison Schoonover Collection
62 photo prints of different sizes:

12-House interiors - developed between 1937 and 1939, 1 with an unidentified young woman - photos are stamped on the back with "Master Certified Photo Finishers of America" stamp - 1 is a duplicate

2-Schoonover house, Old Mystic - 1 is a photo postcard

5-Schoonover house, Broadway Avenue - 1 developed in 1937, 1 in 1938 and are stamped on the back with "Master Certified Photo Finishers of America" stamp - 3 are photo postcards, and 1 is a duplicate

9-Schoonover Men's Wear, showing displays of clothing, 1 with an unidentified man sitting and smoking a pipe - 4 developed in 1938, 4 in 1939, and 1 date not clear - this store was located just west of the drawbridge on West Main Street, Mystic

6-Hurricane of 1938 aftermath scenes - 2 of the morning after the hurricane of the Schoonover house, 1 with Ed Huntley standing by the tree in front, developed in September, 1938, and 4 of the Mystic Congregational Church after the hurricane, developed in 1939

11-Houses - 1 of John Mason wearing a hat, with a white beard, standing in front of the Mason House - 1 of Washington Street marked with locations of "old home, "old Stewart home" and "where Episcopal Church used to be" - 1 is of 6 Willow Street, original home of Isaac and Lavina (Fish) Denison - 1 is of a small Cape style house with a factory or school behind it in the distance - 6 are photo postcards - 2 are duplicates

17-Mystic Street scenes - 15 developed with the "Master Certified Photo Finishers of America" stamp - 1937 photos include 1 of the Franklin G. Post & son Chris-Craft Cruisers advertising booth - 2 of Main Street with the Congregational Church, Dr. Hill's house, the Flynn house, Catholic Church and Post's house - 2 of Dr. Hill's house and the Congregational Church - 1 at the drawbridge - 1 with barge at the dock in back of store in Mystic - 1 of the boat TWO SISTERS at the dock and a building with "NEW HAVEN DAIRY ICE CREAM," Coca-Cola and NEWS ROOM for Davies news store signs - 1 of a car and bus - 1 of Bindloss Mill. April, 1938 photos show 1 of a view from the bridge railing at the Main Block, looking south down the river and 1 a view of the docks behind the stores, sailboats in both. 1939 photos show 1 of a view of Main Street and the post office - 1 of Dr. Hill's house, the Congregational Church on Main Street and 1 of Main Street, noting house at end was Morgan's house. 2 undated photos show 1 of the I.W. Denison & Co. store with two men standing outside and 1 in a horse drawn carriage and 1 of Old Mystic, showing the old Wilcox Tavern and Baptist Church on the hill

Note: the 1937 and some of the 1938 photos show Mystic before the Hurricane of 1938
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House interior, ca. 1937House interior, ca. 1937