World War I and the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Stinson Collection
World War I volunteers, sitting and standing in front of a flag in a door opening, at J.E.F. Brown's Livery Stable, Mystic, CT, b&w print, World War I, 1917. (This was likely taken on Wednesday, July 25th, the day of the parade and initial send-off.)

To the left is a door with "J.E.F. Brown" above and to the right a Standard Oil sign.

3 members of the Mystic Home Guard in back row, with flag:
Left to right:
Lester Smith (22y)
Thomas Leon (Len) Dickinson (24y) - note: he was in the Home Guard intially; on July 24, 1918, he was drafted into the National Army.
Charles Barstow (37y) - note: he was a printer, owned his own shop in Mystic.

Standing left to right:
James Henry Holmes Coogan (21y) - note: perhaps he enlisted and didn't pass the intake physical? He is not on the Honor Roll board, the 1928 Monument, or in the 1941 CT SR. May have been in the Home Guard, but we don't have a roster of that.
* This may actually be Herbert Leroy Candage (20y) who was 5'7", 160 pounds, which matches this rather slight man. (According to his draft registration, Henry Coogan was tall.)

Charles Arthur Beauchamp, Jr. (21y) Navy

Arthur T. Berry (21y) Navy

James E. Hopwood (20y) SATC

John Francis Duerr (20y) Navy

Ralph C. Sherman (27y) Navy

William Henry Sheehan (19y) Navy

Edward Martin Trevena (18y) Navy

Charles Benjamin Anderson (30y) Navy

Sitting left to right:
Merton Leslie Searle (21y) Navy

Joshua Leeds Burrows (24y) Navy

Harlan Burdick (40y) Navy

Edward James McClave (22y) Navy

Charles Gremley (18y) Navy

Photo research provided by historian Catherine Deichmann.
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