Virgil Woodrow Huntley (1916-2018), "the Memory of Mystic" - 102 Years of Photos and Memories!
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Virgil W. Huntley Collection
Captain Ed Lane, taken at the house at Turtle Rock, River Road, Mystic, not dated, but likely taken in the late 1950s.

9/2/2008-Virgil W. Huntley (b. 1916), "the Memory of Mystic," shared that the house is still there, across from the Peace Sanctuary property. Ed was to appear or appeared on the "Life Begins at Eighty" show and someone called in to say he was only 79, so he wasn't permitted to go on. He ate literally every crumb off his plate, and he was known to walk upstairs backwards so he wouldn't have a heart attack. He served in WWI in the 29th Division (TBD). He was related to Juliet Haley and didn't have a family that he ever talked about. He is buried at Elm Grove Cemetery.
Huntley, Virgil Woodrow
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