Virgil Woodrow Huntley (1916-2018), "the Memory of Mystic" - 102 Years of Photos and Memories!
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Alfred and Robertha Goodman Collection
Horse-drawn buggies in Bank Square, Mystic, CT, early 1900s, b&w print.

6/9/2016-Virgil Woodrow Huntley (1916-2018), "the Memory of Mystic," shared with Louisa Watrous that he remembers the days of horse and buggies, and as they were sitting in the lead parade car for the May, 2016 Memorial Day Parade, that he got drinks out of the horse trough that was at Bank Square when he was 7, in 1923. He didn't recall a photo at the time, but this is representative of what it looked like. It had a light on top so the horses could see to drink. It was about in the middle of Bank Square and opposite Sheriff Jim Brown's Livery Stable and Agnes Parks' Variety Store on the other side. He said it may be up in Norwich now.
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