Haley Family in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Brown Family Collection
Scope & Content:
1-Notebook, leather bound, used for receipts. Appears to be an informal receipt book for the Brown Farm, Mystic. Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 1/2". Same design as .184. Accounts/receipts listed:
E. Jackson, January 15, 1873
Bridget Glavagan, January 23, 1873
Graft for cutting pants and canvas, January 20, no year
C.M. Parks, July 3, 1874
C. Ryon, not dated
George Eldredge, for labor, date not clear
F.W. Noyes, not dated
H.P. Chesbro and a man named Jackson, not dated, re trading hens
D.G. Browne, February and March, no year
George Eldredge, canvassed work
Pardon Lewis to Daniel C. Brown, no date
Tamey (or Famey ?) Noyes to Daniel C. Brown, no date
Lam (?) Noyes to Daniel C. Brown, no date
William Lee, on rent, no date
Notes re that cooper cows heiffer went to bull, March 15, 1877, and other notes re hens and turkeys, not dated
Outside cover is embossed and it has a pocket in the back for holding papers or perhaps coins.

Other names: C. Haley, E. Haley
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Brown Farm receipt bookBrown Farm receipt book