Fish Family in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Fish Collection
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Folder of photocopies of 63 pages regarding Colonel William S. Fish Civil War service, court martial trial, pension and other records:
* 1 page of typed notes regarding William S. Fish and his service in the Civil War, from the book "The Military and Civil History of Connecticut during the War of 1861-1865" by W.A. Croffut and John M. Morris
* 1 Mystic Press article for Thursday, May 1, 1879, regarding the arrival of the remains of Colonel William S. Fish in Mystic and one regarding the steamer GRAPHIC
* 2 copies of a letter to Col. Albert Tracy, Assistant Adjutant General, Mountain Department, from William S. Fish, undated, regarding Captain Latham and guarding the mountain passes, undated.
* 11 pages with 43 Company Muster Roll and Return records for 1 Cavalry Conn., for William S. Fish, from 1861 to 1864
* 1 Special Orders No. 31 from Col. Albert Tracy, Mountain Dept., giving a leave of absence for 25 days to his health, to Capt. William S. Fish, 1st Bat. Conn. Calvary, June 15, 1862
* 1 order mustering William S. Fish out of service from Thomas M. ?, Assistant Adjutant General to Captain Henry G. Wood, September 13, 1862
* 1 letter to Col. William S. Fish from ? in Port McHenry, requesting him to attend and testify in court in the case of Sterrett about where the letter written by him for which he was to be tried was intercepted, August 20, 1863
* 1 Criminal Court summons to Col. Fish dated September, 1863, to come before the Grand Jury on November 30, 1863
* 1 two page letter from William S. Fish to Major General Robert C. Schenck, October 18, 1863, reporting on his absence the evening before
* 1 court summons to Col. William S. Fish, September 11, 1863, re the case of Lieut. Col. Ruff
* 1 order from the P.H. Watson, Assistant Secretary of War, from the War Department, January 20, 1864, for Col. H.S. Olcott to investigate charges of official misconduct against Col. William S. Fish
* 1 letter E.D. Townsent, Assistant Adjutant General to Brig. Gen'l H.H. Lockwood, January 23, 1864, directing that he place Col. Wm. S. Fish in close arrest and to send him under a sufficient guard to Washington to the Military Governor, D.C.
* 1 letter C.W. Jones to Brig. Gen'l Lockwood, January 24, 1864, re the physical condition of Col. Wm. S. Fish and that it would be injurious to his health to travel to Washington
* 1 order permitting Lieut. Walker to see Col. Fish, January 25, 1864
* 1 order to Major H.Z. Hayner from James C. Mullikin, by order of Brig. Gen'l Lockwood, January 25, 1864, to hold Col. Wm. S. Fish a close prisoner and have to have two guards ready to accompany him to Washington the next day
* 1 memo that the person of the prisoner Col. Wm. S. Fish had been received, January 25, 1864
* 1 statement from a group of 16 fellow soldiers from Headquarters, 1st Conn. Calvary, Camp Chesebrough, Baltimore, January 25, 1864, attesting to their sympathies, support and love for Col. William S. Fish in his trials and expressing confidence that he will clear himself
* 1 letter from Col. Wm. S. Fish to Hon. Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War, February 2, 1864, re his arrest and not having been given a copy of the charges, and requesting his own counsel for defence, Major Theopolus Gaines
* 1 page with 2 court orders re Col. Wm. S. Fish's request to have Gaines as his counsel and the authority of the court to make the decision, February 6 and 8, 1864
* 1 letter from ? to Hon. Robert Schenck, House of Representatives regarding the case of Col. Wm. S. Fish, February 16, 1862
* 1 letter from Col. Wm. S. Fish to Hon. Edwin Stanton requesting a parole of 48 hours to go to Baltimore to obtain counsel, March 2, 1864
* 1 two page letter from ?, the Major Judge Advocate to ?, in the General Court Martial Rooms, to ?, that he was unable to see the Sec. of War, but left the application of Col. Fish with L. Col. Hardie stating that it was reasonable it should be granted, March 3, 1864
* 1 statement by Col. Wm. S. Fish that he will report in person to the Old Capitol Prison on March 4, 1864, visiting Baltimore in the meantime to only procure counsel for his defence
* 1 three page letter from Col. Wm. S. Fish to Hon. Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War, March 5, 1864, regarding the charges against him for which he is to be tried, which were based on his conduct in the time he held the office of Provost Marshal in the City of Baltimore, referencing the documents needed for evidence and asking that the trial be held in Baltimore
* 1 letter by Col. Wm. S. Fish to Hon. Edwin Stanton, March 9, 1864, asking to examine records related to the charges against him being tried and that he be permitted to meet with his counsel, Milton Whitney, Esq., of Baltimore, after the case adjournment each day
* 1 page with three notes regarding the fair trial of Col. Wm. S. Fish, March 9 and 10, 1864
* 1 letter ? Col. Wm. S. Fish, consenting to the request for parole, March 12, 1864
* 1 letter from Col. Wm. S. Fish in Carroll Prison, to Edwin M. Stanton, March 31, 1864, regarding his case
* 1 Special Order No. 5 by Wm. Rogers, for Col. Richard H. Rush, regarding the taking of Col. Wm. S. Fish from Carroll Prison to Baltimore to obtain evidence for his case
* 1 Officers' Casualty Sheet for William S. Fish, April 21, 1864, giving his status as Captured
* 1 Special Order No. 141 by Assistant Adjutant General E.B. Townsend, April 7, 1864, that Captain F. Hendrick will take charge of Col. Wm. S. Fish confined in Carroll Prison and take him to Baltimore to collect evidence in his trial
* 1 letter from ? to Lt. Col. S.B. Laurence, April 19, 1864, re the forwarding by Adam's Express a package of books and papers for the trial of Col. Wm. S. Fish
* 1 marriage certificate for William Stebbins Fish and Hortense Desire Gallup, September 14, 1856, by Wm. L. Loomis, Town Clerk and Registrar, Suffield, Conn, dated September 4, 1889
* 1 birth certificate for William L. Fish, born December 13, 1865, and John Hamilton Fish, born November 14, 1868, children of William S. and Hortense D. Fish, dated September 11, 1889
* 1 birth certificate for Walter Tower Fish, born February 21, 1876, registered March 9, 1876, signed by his father, William Stebbins Fish, September 20, 1889, in the District of Govan Church, in the County of Lanark
* 1 birth certificate for William Stebbens Fish, Importer, formerly Col. in U.S. Army, born April 10, 1879, to parents Charles Fish, Sea Captain (deceased), and Esther Fish / M.S. Williams, dated September 20, 1889, in the District of Partick, in the County of Lanark, H. Welsh, Registrar
* 11 pages of records related to the declaration / application by Hortense Fish for a Widow's Pension for her husband's military service
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