Denison Family in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Willerford Collection
"10th Year Mystic Hook and Ladder Co., No. 1, 1893" (double-sided) five page booklet, with Scholfield and Tingley photos of officers and members - 59 images of men, 1 of their "old truck," and 2 of the fire house (interior and exterior).

Names listed:
Allen, G.L.
Allyn, H.G.
Appelman, G.H.
Avery, Allen
Batty, Frank W.
Batty, Oliver (Jr.)
Bindloss, D.T.
Brewster, F.W.
Brown, A.H.
Browne, Randall
Burdick, E.J.
Clift, W.M.
Collins, W.C.
Cordner, C.H.
Crandall, C.T. (Jr.)
Crandall, E.R.
Deneke, G.H.
Denison, D.A.
Douglass, W.L.
Edgecomb, C.F.
Fish, Silas
Fitch, H.M.
Foote, W.C.
Gates, Gurdon
Greenman, G.B.
Griswold, F.E.
Heydecker, G.J.
Holmes, C.D.
Hoxie, C.H.
Hoxie, H.M.
Jackson, Ira W.
Jones, E.B.
Langworthy, W.H.
Mallory, W.H.
McGregor, Jas.
McKenzie, W.F.
Mercer, E.P.
Morgan, E.B. (Jr.)
Morgan, Walter C.
Newbury, C.E.
Noyes, Albert E. (A.E.)
Noyes, Ira C.
Packer, G.D.
Prentice, H.A.
Rathbone, J.S.
Rice, H.C.
Ricker, M.H.
Ryan, B.C.
Ryley, T.W.
Schaffer, J.H.
Sparks, H.I.
Stevens, C.G.
Tingley, George Edward
Ward, G.E.T.
Watrous, Clifford M.
Williams, A.D.
Williams, Albert
Williams, B.D.
Williams, C.R.(?)

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