Denison Family in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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1-Letter Asher (?) H. Wilcox, College Library, to Rev. Frederick Denison, Norwich, Conn., dated November 27th, 1858, copying the 5/13/1772 letter of Rev. Thomas Denison to Rev. Ezra Stiles, Newport, setting out his Denison family lineage. PERIOD 1858

1-Envelope for the Wilcox letter to Denison addressed to Rev. Frederick Denison, Norwich, Conn., postmarked New Haven, November 29, 1858, with a three cents stamp. PERIOD 1858

1-Handwritten sketch of the seafaring life of George W. Gates, from his leaving the old homestead September 20th, 1845, to 1877. On embossed, lined paper. PERIOD 18-

2-Envelopes with the sketch re Gates, one with a handwritten note "Brief sketch of seafaring life of Geo. W. Gates" and the other addressed to Grace W. Denison, Esq., Mystic Bridge, Conn., postmarked from Providence, R.I. August 9, no year, with a three cent stamp. PERIOD 19 -

1-"Some Items of Baptist History in Connecticut from 1674 to 1900" booklet by John Ledyard Denison, A.A., published by the American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia, 1900, inscribed on the cover to H. B. Hutchins (?) from the author. PERIOD 1900

1-National Society of the DAR, Washington, D.C. notice of membership acceptance as no. 169016, to Mrs. Eliza F. Denison Schoonover, dated June 28, 1921. PERIOD 1921

1-Appointment of Appraisers and Return for the Estate of Frederic Denison, late of Mystic, Conn., dated September 10th, 1935, appointing Edward S. Huntley and William K. Holmes. On Form No. 118, published by John H. Bell, Norwich, Conn., listing the inventory of assets and estate value at $33,739.37 and Eliza D. Schoonover as Administratrix. PERIOD 1935

1-Receipt to Mr. Clifford Denison, from Doyle's Service Station, Mystic, Conn., for 1 Rev Rev o Jet, dated April 19, 1953. PERIOD 1953

1-Receipt to Mr. Oliver Denison, from James Baker, Poultry & Dairy Feeds, for super egg mash and horse feed, dated November 8, 1954. PERIOD 1954
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James Baker receipt to Oliver Denison, 1954James Baker receipt to Oliver Denison, 1954