Denison Family in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Allyn Collection
Class of 1933 Mystic Academy. Students identified in pencil on back of photo. See type copy with photo - names listed:
Bendett, Annette
Bennett, Violet
Burnet, Joanna
Cinquanta, Rose
Craig, Florence
Denison, George
Dickinson, Ernest
Duerr, Virginia
Hammond, Joe
Ladd, Bertha
Ladden, Charles
LeBeau, Katheryn
Lewis, George
MacAslan, Vivian
Paine, Kenneth
Reed, Walter
Rogers, June
Sebastian, Ben
Simon, Lena
Stanton, William
Stribl, Charles
Viall, Ellery
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Mystic Academy, Class of 1933Mystic Academy, Class of 1933