Denison Family in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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Fish Collection
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Baptist Society (Church) Articles or Covenant, for Groton, First Baptist Meeting House, April, 1767. Handwritten and bound in hand-stitched booklet.

Names listed:
Allyn, Samuel
Avery, John
Avery, Stephen
Babcock, James
Billing, Stephen
Burrows, Hubbard
Burrows, Hubbard, Jr.
Burrows, John
Crary, Isaac
Crary, Nathan
Denison, George, Jr.
Eldredge, Charles
Fish, Jonathan (?)
Fish, Sands
Fox, John
Gallup, Benadam (and son)
Gardiner, Thomas
Gardiner, William
Gates, Thomas
Gates, Zebediah
Haley, Caleb
Hicks, John
Lamb, Caleb
Lamb, Ebenezer
Lamb, James
Latham, Joseph
Morgan, Timothy
Nile, Nathaniel
Packer, Daniel (?)
Packer, Ichabod
Parker, Joseph
Smith, Charles
Weles, Joseph (?)
Williams, John (2?)
Williams, Nehemiah, Jr.
Williams, Park
Baptist (Church) Covenant
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Baptist Covenant, 1767Baptist Covenant, 1767