Denison Family in the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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A deed of land executed September 30th, 1869 from Eleanor Ashbey, Ann J. Fairbanks, and Charles J. Fairbanks, her husband, all of the Town of Groton, for six dollars ($6.00), to the Town of Groton, through the authority of the selectmen Daniel W. Denison, Charles P. Chipeneau (sp?), William Miner, Youngs Avery, and John Palmer, received for record by Elisha Morgan, Registrar, the land being situated in the Town of Groton in the Village of Mystic River, beginning at the south west corner at the junction of the highway leading from Mystic River to New London Ferry, and the highway leading from Burnett's Corners to Noank, through the Village of Mystic River, and as further described in the deed. and adjoining lands of Joseph W. Holmes.

Names listed:
Ashbey, Eleanor
Avery, Youngs
Chipeneau (sp?), Charles P.
Denison, Daniel W.
Fairbanks, Ann J.
Fairbanks, Charles L.
Holmes, Joseph W.
Miner, William
Morgan, Elisha
Palmer, John
Deed of land in Mystic River from Ashbey, Fairbanks to Town of Groton.
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