Burrows Family in Mystic, Connecticut
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2 digital images of William Burrows Allen (at age 93) taken by Lou Allyn at the MRHS office in August, 2007 and 2 taken by him at Mr. Allen's home in Greenville, RI. Also shown are Lou Allyn with Mr. Allen holding the map of the Benjamin Burrows Cemetery, with Barry Thorp in the background, Louisa Watrous showing Mr. Allen his family photos in the PastPerfect database on the computer, and the wall chart of the Allen and Burrows family lines.

8 digital images of Mr. Allen taken by Walter and Louisa Watrous at his home in Greenville, RI, during a Sunday afternoon visit in September, 2007, to sing hymns with Mr. Allen and learn more about his Burrows family history. PERIOD 2007
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