Josephine Dickinson Photography of the Mystic, Connecticut Area
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An unknown man, horse and wagon in front of the Standard Machinery Co. on Water St., taken sometime between 1904 and 1928. The Factory Square complex now stands on this site. Charles Stark mentions the company in his history of Groton. In 1848, the Randall brothers founded the Reliance Machine Co., which up to the time of the Civil War successfully manufactured cotton gins and related machines. The company later became the Pequot Machine Co., the Cotton Gin Co., and in 1873, the Sanborn Machine Co. William N. Peterson, in his book "Mystic Built," notes that George Greenman & Co. was the principal owner of the Standard Machinery Co. in 1878, manufacturing printing presses, paper cutters, and other items. A later owner, Thomas Stillman, sold the company to Charles Wheeler in 1904. Wheeler rebuilt the building in brick. He and his sons, Norton and John, continued the bookbinding machinery business, later adding presses for molding and cutting plastics, rubber and other materials.
Dickinson, M. Josephine
Mystic/Water St.
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